Vidhi & Stavan Wedding in San Francisco, CA
Stavan wedding before lux studios in san francisco CA

Vidhi & Stavan Wedding in San Francisco, CA

Vidhi and Stavan’s wedding day was a magical celebration, artfully brought to life by a team of talented vendors. DJ Gunjan set a festive tone with lively beats during the Baarat, while Pandit Nilesh Pandya infused the ceremony with spiritual blessings. Aesthetika Events transformed the venue into a breathtaking masterpiece with a blend of traditional and modern decor. Christal Clear Beauty worked magic on Vidhi, enhancing her beauty with a timeless look. Makeup by Amy ensured the stunning appearance of Vidhi’s mother and sister. Broadway Masala treated everyone to delightful snacks and lunch, and SL Party Rentals added a touch of sophistication with elegant Chiavari chairs. Together, these vendors created a seamless and unforgettable experience, making Vidhi and Stavan’s wedding day as perfect as their love.

Vidhi and Stavan’s reception was a dazzling affair, orchestrated by a team of exceptional vendors. Norcal Entertainment set the celebratory tone with lively beats, turning the Baarat into a joyous procession. Aesthetika Events continued to impress with their stunning decor, creating an ambiance that perfectly complemented the couple’s love story. Christal Clear Beauty worked their magic on Vidhi, enhancing her beauty with a radiant and sophisticated look. Makeup by Amy ensured that Vidhi’s mother and sister radiated elegance. The culinary experience, courtesy of Milan Indian Cuisine, delighted guests with delectable appetizers and a sumptuous dinner. Together, these vendors seamlessly contributed to a reception that not only reflected Vidhi and Stavan’s style but also created lasting memories for all in attendance.

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